How to Live a Purpose Driven Life

How to Live a Purpose Driven Life

July 25, 2018

Are you tired of bouncing between frivolous pursuits and superficial relationships? Of living a shallow life? Do you feel unfulfilled -- like you’re destined for something more?

If so, maybe it’s time to start living a purpose driven life.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Put simply, purpose is the why of your life -- the reason for your being. Living a purpose driven life means making choices every day that bring you closer to the realization of your purpose.

Once you’ve clearly defined a purpose in your life, every decision in life becomes simpler. Your purpose is like a compass that guides your every move and brings you closer to who you want to be in the world.

Living purposefully helps you move into action and pursue the life of your dreams, rather than remain in a state of inactivity. This clear vision acts as a roadmap, guiding you in the direction of where you want to go, and more importantly, who you want to be.

You’re probably thinking, "That sounds great! But how does one go about actually living a purpose driven life?"

This is where The Purpose Method comes in. We’ve worked for years developing, revising, evaluating, and testing an method that's proven to be transformative, time and time again. Our system has worked for hundreds of people -- we’ve personally taught The Purpose Method to mastermind groups, businesses, and individuals from all walks of life, and it works.

Read on to discover our proven method for living a purpose driven life.

Step One to Living a Purpose Driven Life: Identify Your Values

Identifying your personal values is fundamental in discovering and living a life of purpose. Our values determine our priorities, highlight what we stand for, and if we're in alignment, guide our behavior and decisions. Personal values are what you hold most important, and everyone has their own unique set.

Beyond identifying your core values, The Purpose Method aims to help you understand where your values originate. Often, we do things because we’re taught to, we're obligated to, and we're expected to, not because we value it. This inhibits our potential and likelihood of fulfillment.

Identifying and bringing awareness to what you value is the first step in living purposefully, because it’s only possible to live in alignment with your purpose when you’re clear on what you truly value. In order to gain this clarity, we ask foundational questions that will not only help you identify and unpack your core values, but your core gifts, as well as other deep insights that will help you to define your purpose. These questions are designed to get you thinking from a higher perspective and help you to start unpacking parts of yourself that maybe you’ve forgotten about or simply aren't aware of.

Next, we move onto the visioning process, which is designed to activate your imagination and unlock your true aspirations for your life, your career, your family, and the world at large. You'll envision a life that's truly worth living.

Upon completion of this first step, you can expect deeper clarity and insights into your core gifts and values, a deeper understanding of who is truly important to you, and a clear view of where your life is headed. This recognition of the gap between where you are and where you want to go is essential in leading a purpose driven life, and shines a spotlight on where to focus your life energy.

Step Two: Declare Your Purpose

Identifying your core values is fundamental to living a purpose driven life. These values will help you to create a meaningful Purpose Declaration.  This is one part of the The Purpose Constitution™, which is a set of documents you'll create that will guide you through life's biggest decisions. The Purpose Constitution will allow you to measure and track where you stand in relation to your deepest values. No more straying off track -- you’ll always know where to place your attention.

To create your Purpose Declaration, we tease out specific, recurring themes and words. We then work to refine your vision into a clear, concise, written statement fo purpose.

The Purpose Declaration becomes part of the Purpose Constitution. Just as the greatest nations on Earth rely on a constitution to guide them, you’ll do the same. Your Purpose Constitution stays with you as a reminder to act as your best self, rather than making decisions based on your shifting and temporary whims, thoughts and desires.

Whenever you have a dilemma or a decision to make, you’ll refer back to your Purpose Constitution. This ensures you make decisions based on your deepest values, keeping you on track and in alignment with your ‘why.’

Step Three: Set Your Targets

Once you've identified your values and declared your purpose, it’s time to design meaningful goals that align with and move you towards your purpose.

Goals can be (and often are) developed without having a specific purpose, but ultimately, these goals are neither impactful nor fulfilling. We often set goals about the grades we’d like to receive, how much money we want to make, the type of car we yearn to buy, and so on.

But these goals end at the time they're achieved. And often, when they’re realized we’re left feeling empty, hollow, and looking for the next ‘thing’ to latch onto to move us forward.

On the contrary, goals that are designed and focused on living out your purpose have significantly more influence on your life. The shift happens when your goals align with your purpose - that’s why in The Purpose Method, we focus on developing purpose driven goals that focus less on what you want, and more on who you want to be.

Step Four: Break Down Your Objectives

At this point, you may be overwhelmed by the magnitude of your vision. This is common, but don’t allow yourself to be frightened into inaction. Ever heard the saying, “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will?”

We see this time and time again. People have a grand idea for what they want for their life, but they project themselves 10, 20, even 30 steps down the road. It’s no wonder they feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin.

So instead of focusing on that grand (potentially anxiety-inducing) vision, we like to hone in on tasks that you can do right now to move yourself in the direction of completing your goal.

We call these objectives.

These small, measurable steps are the little units of effort that will get you toward achieving your goals, but without overwhelm. Think of running a marathon: you wouldn’t just show up to the starting line and expect to crush the entire 42.195km, would you?

No. You would build up momentum, first running 5km per day day, then 10, then building up to 15, and so on. Such is the logic behind objectives: they make bigger goals more tangible, manageable and realistic, giving you a roadmap to follow in the pursuit of your vision.

Step Five: Define Your Investment

Creating a purpose driven life will come at a cost. So what are you willing to invest? You may have a grand vision for your life. But unless you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices to live out your vision, it will remain only a grandiose dream.

To ensure that you move in the direction of the life you've envisioned, it’s essential that you invest a particular amount of time, energy, effort, resources and/or attention into the realization of your outlined goals.

In the words of author Courtney C. Stevens, “If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting.”

For example, Purpose Method co-founder, Mike, identified freedom as the core theme of his original Purpose Declaration. He soon realized that his current business venture was not in alignment with this value. Working in the financial planning industry, he had plenty of money. But he didn't have freedom. He couldn't go where he wanted, when he wanted, on his own terms.

He knew he'd need to make serious changes in order to live a purpose driven life. So, he identified that he'd be willing to invest his time and money. He had to continue operating his old business in order not to lose income. So, his new business became his night job.

By investing time in the evenings that was previously spent relaxing or with friends and family, he was able to build his new business venture that led him to a life of freedom. Furthermore, Mike also invested money into his new business.

By making certain sacrifices (less time with friends and family) and investing in different ways (monetarily, with time and energy) he made his vision a reality.

The 6th Step Towards Living a Purpose Driven Life: Review and Revision

Your purpose will grow and evolve just as you grow and evolve. That’s why regularly checking in with your Purpose Constitution is important in keeping you aligned and on track for ultimate personal growth.

It’s easy to allow your purpose to turn into white noise -- something to be swept aside and forgotten about. How many times have you started a new fitness regime or way of eating, only to completely forget about it as you down a pint of mint chip ice cream the next week?

Yeah, it happens. That’s why The Purpose Method approach involves reviewing and revising your Purpose Constitution as needed, so you can stay connected to your goals, day in and day out.

Your newly minted Purpose Constitution, containing your biggest dreams, goals and vision for your life, is a living, breathing document. A way of life. A mindset. This isn’t something that you set and forget. In order to achieve what you've set out to accomplish, you must remember to keep your vision alive.

When re-evaluating and updating your Purpose Declaration as needed, it’s critical to be honest with yourself. What are you accomplishing? What are you neglecting? Where do you need to up your game? The goal here is not to be overly critical, but to recognize and bring awareness to areas that need attention, and then move into action.

Now, while we believe in review and revision, it's important to note that we don't advise making adjustments to your purpose simply because you have failed to meet a deadline, or because it’s just too hard.

Adjustments should only be made because of circumstances are beyond your control, or a change in your purpose has come to you. Or, best-case scenario, you may find that you’ve set your goals too low, you’ve achieved more than you thought you could, and you’ve outgrown your purpose. That just means it’s time to up the ante.

Over to You, Purpose Seeker

Creating purpose may sound challenging and confronting, and we’ll be honest: sometimes it is. But it doesn’t have to be the overwhelming, abstract concept it is often made out to be.

The Purpose Method takes all the guesswork out of what is often overly complicated.

It's a proven system - one we've seen transform people’s lives time and time again. Simply:

    1. Identify your Core Values
    2. Declare your Purpose
    3. Set your Targets
    4. Break down your goals into manageable objectives
    5. Define what you’re willing to invest into the realization of your goals
    6. Commit to revisiting and reevaluating your purpose

Beyond a renewed sense of purpose, you can expect newfound confidence, clarity, peace of mind, and an overall sense of gratitude in your daily life by adhering to this system. Completing The Purpose Method will make you much more resilient, too. You’ll be able to weather the storms of life and bounce back stronger than ever.

By following this path with a community of like-minded purpose-seekers, you’ll be blown away by the results you create. What are you waiting for?

Schedule a free coaching call to get started on your purpose journey today.

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