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The Three Steps to Personal Transformation

July 09, 2018

It's incredible, if you think about it, what it means to learn something. In a very real sense, something fundamental has to change within in you.

And, it's an act of faith, because it's not always the case that change is even a good idea. Given the choice, why not just stay the same? The reality is that most people do stay the same, never changing at all. Most of us can relate to the expression: "Stuck in a rut."

But failing to change isn't always a failure. It's often a better strategy to stay the same than change, because change takes effort. 

Then again, staying the same is sometimes a terrible strategy.

Here's the reality, you probably wouldn't even be visiting this page if you were in such a place. It probably IS time for you to make real transformation based on your deepest values

We often see the world through the metaphor of a journey. Life is often like an overseas trip, full of wonder and new experiences. New challenges arise when least expected, but figuring them out reveals our true abilities, and in fact is the joy of life.

This is how we must experience the world in order to transform. So how do we actually learn (and thus change)? 

Well, for starters, we have to realize there are two types of change -- accidental and intentional. Of the two, intentional is much more difficult. Accidental change happens to us all the time.

The vast majority of middle age people don't intend to gain 20 (or 60, or 100) pounds of fat after high school? But the default habits of eating too much junk food, drinking too much alcohol, and living a sedentary life lead people there.

In fact, it's statistically unlikely to not get out of shape after the teen years. Ask the rare person in similarly good shape as their high school selves, and you'll find almost without fail they've been intentional in staying in shape.

Intentional change is hard, but there are a series of reliable steps that work. And if you think back to the times in you life when you learned something new, then used that knowledge to change your behavior, you'll find that all these moments share a few traits. 

There is a method to personal transformation. We've studied this method and practiced it ourselves. And we've built this into The Purpose Method (hence the clever name). Let's take a look at these steps that will guide you through the process of producing change in you.

1. Readiness & Commitment

Humans appear to see the world and their own lives through a story lens. When setting out to change, we must believe we're at an inflection point in our own story. Usually, to feel this way we need to perceive current or future pain. By living unconsciously, most people can't anticipate future bad outcomes or envision much better outcomes. The Purpose Method guides you through both and shows you how to accept the short-term pain of transformation to improve future outcomes.

2. Intention & Planning

Most personal transformation comes with overwhelming excitement. In this state, our transformation seems inevitable. Then 'life happens.' Sure, we may still change, but what we create may be like Frankenstein's monster -- different than our vision and potentially damaging. This happens when we lose focus on our deepest values. No transformation is perfect, but by substituting excitement with careful planning (at the right time), we can eliminate the Frankenstein-effect of transformation. 

3. Community & Accountability

We believe we're 'free agents' choosing whatever we want. But environment often controls behavior. The people, space, and ideas we surround ourselves with change us. The Purpose Method puts you in an environment of purpose and surrounds you with a community of likeminded individuals.

If you'd like to get started identifying and living your deepest values, schedule your free coaching call now.

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