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"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso

Our Mission & Vision

We've spent the last three years doing live trainings and developing a proven method for identifying and living deepest values. Now we've launched an online training to take this method to the world.

Our vision is to empower 1% of the world's population to live a life of purpose based on their deepest values.

And our mission is to provide tools, resources, and inspiration to all who seek to be awake and to direct their energy toward a specific purpose.

The Purpose Method is a proven, repeatable system that helps committed and growth-oriented individuals identify and live their highest values so they can die without regret.

Meet Us

Zander Robertson

Is a creative entrepreneur, turning ideas into sale-able solutions. He's been on his own purpose journey for at least 8 years. And when he took an earlier version of The Purpose Method, Zander immediately grasped the power of Mike's systematic, repeatable approach.

He implemented the system and continues to use it to guide his life. Soon after meeting, Zander and Mike began working on this version of The Purpose Method. Zander is the writerly influence on this two-man team. He wrote every word on this page, along with millions of other words on other pages (and in books). Zander is expert at: writing, editing, website and email management, and purpose.

Michael Muscari

Discovered his talent for business early. And at age 34, he's already built multiple 6-figure businesses in the service and e-commerce sectors.

An entrepreneur through and through, The Purpose Method reflects his entrepreneurial drive. There are no fuzzy edges here. The program is designed to create actual results.

Mike has been delivering earlier versions of The Purpose Method for 3 years.

And his favorite thing to do is sit in cafes doing one-on-one and small group consulting and coaching sessions. Using this method, he's helped countless entrepreneurs and individuals get real results in business and life.

Mike is an expert in: business strategy, group leadership, marketing strategy, e-commerce, sales, and purpose.

Nick Solaczek

Nick has always been extremely interested in social science, the motivations driving human behavior and styles of communication that can be effective in a complicated modern world.

After examining his life through the lens of The Purpose Method, Nick found a sense of empowerment that he had never discovered in other training's, books or seminars.  When an opportunity came up to partner with Mike, he was quick to step forward and commit to sharing this work with the world.

Outside of his business life, Nick can be found running along the seawall, riding his bicycle to a Mexican restaurant or playing guitar at a local open mic.

Nick is an expert in: professional sales, interpersonal relating, writing, workshop facilitation, men's personal development and no limit texas hold 'em.

Katherine Bertrand

With an adventurous spirit and a curious heart, Katherine has long had a deep love for exploring and regards travel as the ultimate personal development tool. Having explored over 25 countries to date, she feels the most alive when immersed in different cultures, exploring unfamiliar surroundings and growing through new experiences.

Having discovered The Purpose Method during a transitional time in her life, she used the trainings to identify her values direct her energy towards her passions of writing, photography and design. Katherine contributes to The Purpose Method through writing articles about her experiences and creating a unique social media presence.

In her spare time, you can find Katherine petting the nearest dog in sight, sweating it out at yoga/dance/pilates or front row at an epic music festival.

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